Jeff Trzebiatowski

Balloon "Midnight Rainbow"

Jeff Trzebiatowski


Cu. Ft. 77,500
Manufacturer : Aerostar
Reg: #

Appleton WI

“My Balloon Story”

When I was five years old, I told my parents, “some day I want to fly a balloon”. My fascination with hot air balloons came from our annual family trip to the former Wisconsin Dells balloon rally. Growing up in the West Bend Wisconsin, I also watched the sky waiting for Gary Britton, Don Benvenuto, and the late John Cook to be seen flying together.

Pilot Jeff Trzebiatowski

I got my first hands on experience with ballooning in 1994, after meeting Gary Britton during a demonstration he did for my High School physics class. I started crewing for him, and shortly thereafter I received my first ride…. And I was hooked. During four years of college I stayed in contact with Gary and crewed whenever I could. After graduating and relocating to Appleton I was introduced to Dave Koenig, who was also new to the area at the time, and I started crewing for him. A year later, Dave offered to teach me how to fly. So, nine months after getting married, my wife Cherilyn and I “had a balloon”. On December 17th, 2001, I received my private license and the dream of a five-year-old boy became true. For us, ballooning is about family and friends, providing an escape from reality, and reaching all those who also are fascinated by our wonderful form of flight. ~ Jeff