John Ross

Balloon "Longwinded"

John Ross
commercial pilot

Craft Name: “Long-winded”
Model: Lindstrand AX8
90,000 Cu. Ft.

Appleton, Wisconsin USA
C. 920-858-3168



John crewed hot air balloons since 1991. He earned his Private Pilot license in 2002 and his Commercial Pilot License in 2004. John also likes to teach new student pilots. He has owned a Raven, Cameron and now a Lindstrand Balloon.

Pilot John Ross (right)

John has participated in many balloon rallies throughout Wisconsin and the United States. He particularly enjoys flying events in the American southwest, such as the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival and others. In addition, he has flown his balloon at the Festivale Montgolfiers in St. Jean-sur-Richelieu in Quebec, Canada; the Festivale del Globos in Leon, Mexico, as well as flights in England , The Netherlands and Germany.
A particular pleasure has been the looks of wonder in the children’s eyes, as Fox Valley Ballooning has participated in the annual Appleton Downtown Christmas Parade.
Retired from the U.S Navy, as well as Fox Valley Technical College, he is enjoying his retirement sharing the joy of Hot Air Ballooning throughout his travels.